iCoat TP24 FC Casting Epoxy (Various Sizes)


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TP24 FC is a faster curing version of our TP21. It is a 2 to 1 casting epoxy that cures very hard. It works great for casting blocks, pyramids, coasters, trays, and is exceptional for jewelry and smaller items.  It works best when warmed to 82 degrees F before mixing. We recommend pouring layers of up to an inch on smaller molds and up to ½” on larger volume pours. Small molds can generally be filled completely.

Recommended maximum pour depths:

3×3 = 1 inch
6×6 = 5/8”
10 x 10 = ½”
12×12 = 3/8”

Always be sure to monitor your curing temperatures with an infrared temperature gun to ensure the resin does not get hotter than 120 degrees F. Ambient temperature, humidity, mold type, mixing time, and the time resin is in the mixing cup or vacuum chamber can all be factors in optimal pour thicknesses.

48 oz kit – 1.5 gallon Kit

¼”-1″ application, High Viscosity, High Temperature, Fast Cure, Small Volume, 24-36hr demold.​

Application Method: Not in High Heat over 90deg

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1.5gal, 48oz