iCoat Casting Epoxy HV​ (Various Sizes)


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HV is a soft cure epoxy and is not great for thin functional art pieces like serving trays, coasters, or anything where rigidity would be necessary. It is perfect for floral blocks and thicker items.

HV has exceptional bubble release properties. It is crystal clear and designed for projects such as floral preservation, pyramids, and other molded art projects. Projects such as floral preservation can be layered with this resin that is a great viscosity to set flowers. The HV has a fairly quick tack time and is formulated to avoid bruising or burning of delicate floral arrangements. Many artists find they can pour two layers a day. iCoat HV epoxy can be pigmented with any iCoat colorant. HV is best for projects that are more than an inch thick. We recommend pouring layers of up to an inch on smaller molds and up to ½” on larger volume pours. Small molds can generally be filled completely

32oz Kit – 1Gal Kit – 2Gal Kit

¼”-1″ application, High Viscosity, High Temperature, Fast Cure, Small Volume, 24-36hr demold.​

Application Method: Not in High Heat over 90deg

iCoat HV4100 casting epoxy is an excellent choice for floral preservation, coasters, suncatchers, and many other art applications where a crystal; clear UV and heat resistant epoxy is required. The HV has incredible bubble release properties and clears crystal clear. The HV is a small volume casting epoxy that can be poured up to 1 inch with smaller volume projects. On larger volumes, multiple layers up to ½” can be used. HV can be tinted with any of the iCoat colorants.

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32oz, 1Gal, 2Gal