16 oz Artist Resin Epoxy Kit

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iCoat Art Resin is the epoxy of choice for artisans and hobbyists working with jewelry, tumblers, coasters, cutting boards, and more. Can be applied up to 1/4 inch thick producing crystal clear results.

16 oz Artist Resin Epoxy Kit (473 ml)

Covers Approx 4 Square Feet

  • Cures to touch in 24 hrs, fully cured in 3 days.
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Product Description: iCoat Art Resin (Epoxy & Hardener) will produce a crystal clear high-gloss finish with unparalleled non-yellowing protection. Formulated specifically for Art. Self-leveling. Cures to touch in 24 hrs, fully cured in 3 days. Made in the USA.

Application Instructions: Great for use with silicone molds and art projects. Adheres to most material surfaces. Epoxy & Hardener must be between 75-85°F (24-29°C). Humidity should be under 60%. Wearing latex gloves, mix equal parts of Epoxy & Hardener in a clean container with a stir stick. Stir until even texture. To spread evenly on a dust-free non-porous surface use a foam brush. This will produce a glass-like finish. For the best curing results, room temperature should be between 75-85°F (24-29°C).

Storage and Handling: Store at or above 60°F (15.5°C). Do not store in direct sunlight. Non-flammable. No VOCs, fumes, or BPAs. Certified food-safe when cured.

Create that special drawing, gift, painting, or craft project with clear long lasting results.

The Artist Resin 16 oz kit is enough to get you started and motivated for your next project.

Includes: 8 oz resin + 8 oz hardener + instructions