Not All Epoxy Resin are the Same

Man with Epoxy Bottles

We are all familiar with the phrase “all men are created equal,” a great sentiment, the same though cannot be said about epoxy. Many people think of epoxy resin as a glue, a sealer for flooring, objects, or a wide variety of commercial purposes. While true to a degree, modern-day technology has developed formulations that…

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Top 10 Things I Learned My First Time Using Epoxy Resin

Resin in Hockey Puck Mold

I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Art Resin, how much fun it is to work with, and the creativity that it can bring out in you. Cutting boards, river tables, tumblers, decorations, coasters, jewelry, I could go on. Plus, I like to be artistic but I also like to make utilitarian things – things…

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Epoxy vs. Resin – What’s the Difference?

A lot of people are asking, Epoxy vs Resin, What’s the difference? Does it really matter? Here are a few things that seem to make sense and of course you have to factor in colloquialisms. In the builder world, they talk Epoxy, in the artist community they talk Epoxy-Resin. Let’s look at the Artist side…

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