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Epoxy resin clear coat, bringing art to life
and adding unparalleled protection.

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That's why you choose iCoat Artist Resin
Photos, Craft Projects, Artwork, Wood, and More...

Artist Resin is 100% non-toxic (when used as directed). Unlike other resins, it is safe for your health. Zero VOCs. Zero fumes. No solvents. Non-flammable and non-hazardous. Conforms to ASTM D4236 (100% Safe for home use when used in well-ventilated areas).

Artist Resin is engineered to last a long time. The only 30 resin.   Non-yellowing protection with patented stabilization additives that provide long-term clarity and unmatched reliability for peace of mind.

Artist Resin is self-leveling. Simple 1-to-1 mixing is easy and user-friendly. How-to videos, weekly classes, and world-class support is only a chat or phone call away.

Formulated to look amazing, last a long time, strong, durable, and food safe.  Glossy, Shiny, Crystal Clear. Shiny Thick. Solid and Hard. iCoat Art Resin products increase the magic and value of everything it's on.

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